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Q:  What documentation is needed for a minor to get pierced?
A:  A valid government issued ID for the parent and minor.  If the minor doesn't have one then a school ID with their picture, date of birth, and name works just fine.  Or their birth certificate.  If the last names do not match, we need the birth certificate/marriage license/court guardianship documentation that shows why.  This is to ensure nobody other than you has the ability to consent to your child being pierced and is required by our insurance company.  If you have any questions please call or email us.

Q:  How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
A:  In the state of California you have to be 18 years old.  If you are a minor but have parental consent, you are still NOT able to get tattooed.

Q:  What is your shop minimum?
A:  100 dollars; but a small tattoo won't necessarily be shop minimum.  All pricing is done in house and consults are free!

Q:  How do I make a tattoo appointment?
A:  Please email our artists directly using their preferred method of contact listed on their pages.

Q:  Do you take tattoo walk-ins?
A:  We are appointment only right now due to COVID.

Q:  What documentation is needed to get pierced or tattooed?
A:  A valid government issued ID (i.e. drivers license, state ID, passport, etc.)

Q:  How old do I have to be to get pierced?
A:  Without parental consent you must be 18 years old.  With parent/legal guardian consent, and proper identification of both parties, we will happily pierce minors.  For age requirements of certain piercings, please call or email us.

Q:  Do you sell needles, ink, jewelry for us to pierce/tattoo at home?  
A:  No we do not.

Q:  Can 18+ year old sibling sign for me to get a piercing?
A:  Unless they are your legal guardian with court documentation, no they cannot.

Q:  Can I bring my own jewelry to get pierced?
A:  No; we cannot assume liability for jewelry we can't guarantee the quality of.  Everything is sterilized prior to installing and that could break your jewelry or your jewelry could break our sterilization machine.

Q:  Can I get pierced with a hoop?
A:  The only piercings we start with a ring on are the daith and septum.  Rings have to be bigger when used in a fresh piercing, so it isn't the tight fitted ring most people are looking for and can be trickier to heal.  We suggest starting with a stud and changing to a ring a minimum of 6 months later.

Q:  Do I need to take my jewelry out for an MRI? 
A:  No you do not!  We use implant grade titanium, niobium, and solid 14 and 18 karat gold.  All of these are non-reactive.  If they need to see directly behind the jewelry, we are happy to help you remove and reinstall your jewelry.

Q:  Do you do snake eye/horizontal tongue piercings?
A:  No we do not.  It is not safe and can cause irreversible permanent damage to your gums, teeth, and speech.  We will not sell jewelry for that piercing either.

Q:  Do you pierce infants?
A:  No we do not; we require everyone getting pierced to be able to ask for it themselves.


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